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11 January – 1 February 2014

Paddy Lyn space: Josh Foley



The work Josh installed in the Paddy Lyn space centres around a film work also titled, Caffeine, created with his alter ego, Amanda James. Footage that the artist collected from early 2010 to late 2013. It documents the progress of Josh’s work, his studio experiments and also depicts occasional moments of miscellaneous reflection, distraction and discursion. This has been edited to form a short psychotic glimpse into the practice of one contemporary painting practice.

As the moving images reveal the artist to be a somewhat wasteful and excessive animal, Josh surrounded the film with used sheets from a disposable palette and cotton buds, both handy yet possibly redundant and environmentally unsound painter’s tools. Yet, Josh is particularly interested in these dried globules of oil paint believing them to possess something possibly more profound and economically meaningful than the pictures that resulted from their use. The cotton buds that were used to clean his airbrush crawl across the gallery walls continuing this enquiry into the vital materiality of Josh’s studio ephemera; each as a striking minimalist painting; then together becoming an analogue for an aesthetic rhizome.

This exhibition was presented by Constance ARI as part of PAINTFACE curated Polly Dance and funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.