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9-31 August 2013


Paddy Lyn space: Meg Wilson (SA)


Meg Wilson, (small) Busy My Hands In Remembrance Of You 2012

Image: Meg Wilson, Busy My Hands In Remembrance Of You , 2012, wool on rug backing, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist.


Flounce is an exploration of suspense, the out-of-the-ordinary, confusion and affected motions.

Influenced by a passage in Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’, where a young girl is belittled for fancying floral carpets (her future husband would only step his muddy boots all over it), Flounce aims to stimulate an exaggerated action or response to a seemingly mundane object…a hand-woven floor rug.

Slightly suspended above the floor’s surface and still attached to the frame upon which it was constructed, suddenly the rug is rendered functionless and seemingly pointless. To step upon its surface would almost certainly cause the strings to break under tension.

Taking up the majority of the available floor space, some will be tempted to step upon the surface and others will try to creep gently around it – some may even be curious to explore its underside. All in all, Flounce hopes to cause emphatic and unexpected reactions of impatience.

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Photographer: Rosie Hastie