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March of the Black Swan

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13  June – 5 July 2014

Paddy Lyn Space: Sundari Carmody – March of the Black Swan

Sundari Carmody March of the Black Swan Flag (detail) 2014 sequined velveteen and metallic embroidery on cotton canvas 240 x 105cm

Image: Sundari Carmody, March of the Black Swan – Flag (detail), 2014, sequinned velveteen and metallic embroidery on cotton canvas, 240 x 105cm.

Sundari Carmody’s March of the Black Swan is inspired by a recently discovered memoir written by her great, great, great, great aunt. Whilst in England in 1910 Elizabeth Grover describes marching with other women from Western Australia in the ‘Monster march’ of the suffragettes. Carmody recreates a flag bearing the emblem of a black swan based on a description in the memoir. The project is not about retelling the story of her great aunt. It is a vehicle which she uses to access an imagined intellectual and emotional territory that fills the gaps between the words and pages. The black swan flag has a talismanic function and her enigmatic material re-enactment charts a different kind of territory, one that is inter-dimensional, that moves between the emotional and the intellectual, the material and ethereal. It charts the graceful movement of all conscious and inquisitive bodies and minds as they drift endlessly through space.

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