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Sharp Hot Stink

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April 12 – May 4 2013

Main space: Eloise Kirk, Francesca Heinz, Ben TerakesSharp Hot Stink


A fetish may be defined as an object or idea regarded with awe and imbued with a potent magical spirit. A fetish may also refer to any object, idea or non-genital part of the body that causes habitual erotic response or fixation.

It is with the above in mind that Eloise Kirk, Francesca Heinz and Ben Terakes, all Sydney based artists, have brought their practices together in Tasmania. These three artists share an awareness of the importance of art as both fantasy and fetish, as well as a belief that art should elicit reflection not only within the viewer but importantly also within the maker.

The three artists have very singular practices; their art-making is both solitary and habitual. Each works with a variety of media, and through a range of processes but agree that form always follows concept.
Their work tests the relationship between art, artist and audience creating a tension between each. To be presented with the work of these three artists is to be simultaneously pushed and pulled, the audience is allowed an intimate view of the artist’s fantasy but is denied reality. Bodies and thoughts are made palpable and fleshy whether through sewing, taxidermy, video, painting, or other media, a personal human reaction is doggedly desired if not forced.