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Softly, Softly

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13  June – 5 July 2014

Main Space: Pip StaffordSoftly, Softly

PIPSTAFFORD (61 of 152)

An experiment in sonic divination, Softly, Softly, uses handmade copper antennas, crystal radios and synths to glean and manipulate the electromagnetic waves in the vicinity of Constance Gallery.   Using conductive materials such as copper, conductive paint and brass panels, the work makes audible the invisible networks of the world. It uses fragile, ephemeral and diagrammatic materials: cords and cables are laid on the floor, lights flicker, amplifiers and synths have their guts exposed and crystal radios use actual rocks as diodes, which creates a push and pull between what is functional and what is unviable. Softly, Softly takes its cues from radio art, hauntology and networked art forms.