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Constance ARI

Nadege Phillipe-Janon / Eliza Burke / Grave Herbert / Aviva Reed

Constance ARI partnered with GASP! (Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park) in the pairing of 4 artists in the early stages of their careers alongside senior artists of both national and international standing.

The focus was on professional development, skills exchange/advancement and networking for emerging artists to connect with national and international artists as they devise and deliver large scale, ambitious new works.

Selena de Carvalho (formerly Co-Chair of Constance ARI) coordinated with GASP! CEO Pippa Dickson and former projects manager Sara Jones to oversee the engagement of these interns as the GASP! commissions began to take shape.

Below are brief exerts from each of the four interns regarding their experience.


Nadege Phillipe- Janon (Constance ARI)

Natalie Jeremijenko (GASP!)

Project: Amphibious Architecture

During my GASP! Internship I was paired with Natalie Jeremijenko to assist with developing Amphibious Architecture. It was suggested that I assist with a side project, creating a Phenology Clock that would be either a part of the GASP! website or located at the GASP! site. The phenology Clock is a data driven work created by Natalie Jeremijenko that gives a visual snapshot of the seasonal events and life cycles surrounding a particular set of organisms.


Eliza Burke (Constance ARI)

Natalie Jeremijenko (GASP!)

Project: Amphibious Architecture

Over the past 18 months I have participated in the development of Natalie Jeremijenko’s environmental artwork Amphibious Architecture, for its long-term installation at GASP!’s Elwick Bay site. During this time I have worked closely with the project’s co-ordinator Sarah Jones (and recently Brendan Walls) and a number of other stakeholders in the project to develop an audience engagement program that invites viewers to respond to the work both on-site and online.


Grace Herbert (Constance ARI)

James Geurts (GASP!)

Project: Vortex

James Newitt (GASP!)

Project: Island

The internship was valuable to me in terms of seeing the nature of publicly funded and public space projects like GASP! and some of the difficulties involved in working in such an environment. This was especially so given the recent federal changes to funding in Australia and seeing its impact on GASP! and their collaborators. I want to emphasize the value of the connections I have made and the ongoing involvement I will have with projects, which will be really good in terms of making lasting networks.


Aviva Reed (Constance ARI)

Tega Brain & Janet Laurence (GASP!)

Project: Parliament

The opportunity to intern for Janet Laurence and Tega Brain on their project, ‘Parliament’ was inspiring and insightful. To witness the research and response from a spectrum of ecological experts, to what is ultimately an artistic project + artistic ecological experiment, was encouraging. Most fascinating was seeing the work being spoken about by the science community and their ‘shock’ that it was not an ecological experiment, and humans could not go there.


Funding from Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund and Arts Tasmania supported the time and engagement of these outstanding early career artists. Constance ARI would also like to thank GASP! and the senior artists for their partnership.




11 January – throughout 2014

Fernando do Campo / Mae Finlayson / Josh Foley / Grant Nimmo / Rob O’Connor / Chen Ping /     Ben Taylor / Henry Jock Walker / Catherine Woo

Curated by Polly Dance

PAINTFACE is a series of curated exhibitions that question and expand the media of paint, painting practices and the painted surface in Constance ARI and other participating venues in Hobart and beyond…

Fernando do Campo

Fernando do Campo, Limiting my vocab, 2012-2013, coloured corrugated cardboard on wall, pencil on paper & acrylic on linen. Courtesy the artist and Mclemoi Gallery.

curtain clothes

Mae Finlayson, Curtain Clothes, 2008, inkjet print, 42 x 28cm. Courtesy of the artist.


Josh Foley, Untitled 1 (Palette Skin), 2013, oil paint on paper. Courtesy the artist and Handmark Gallery.

Grant Nimmo, GOBLIN w: Adam John Cullen TCB Art Inc

Grant Nimmo, GOBLIN w/ Adam John Cullen TCB Art Inc. Courtesy the artist and Anne Pappas Gallery.

Rob O'Connor, Notes to Luppertz, 2013, oil on linen, two panels (1) 30 x 61cm

Robert O’Connor, Notes to Luppertz, 2013, oil on linen, 30 x 61cm. Courtesy the artist and Bett Gallery.

Chen Ping, Revolution 1, 2013, oil on canvas, 180 x 210 cm

Chen Ping, Revolution 1, 2013, oil on canvas, 180 x 210 cm. Courtesy the artist.

Ben Taylor, 'Drift' 2013, iridescent pigment and acrylic on canvas, 800 x 700.

Ben Taylor, Drift, 2013, iridescent pigment and acrylic on canvas, 800 x 700. Courtesy the artist.

Henry Jock Walker_PMIP_media image

Henry Jock Walker, PMIP, 2014. Courtesy the artist.

Catherine Woo

Catherine Woo, Reservoir, mixed media on canvas, 194 x 133 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


Interview in Artery about PAINTFACE

Interview in Warp about Painting with Weather

Review in Warp about PAINTFACE

This project funded by the Visual Arts Section of Arts Funding at the Australia Council through the Presentation and Promotion Grant and sponsored by Focal Printers.



invite image

4 May 2014 – one-day-only

Geoff Copson, James Edmanson, Olivia Edwards, Georgia Ingall and Brooke Spice / Facilitated by Jude Abell and Lucy Bleach 

This special event was presented by Constance in partnership with the Tasmanian College of the Arts. This is the first of what we hope will be many ONEDAYCONSTANCE, where we offer our spaces up to a solo artist or group for the short moment between our monthly shows. This is an opportunity to explore something temporary and exploratory and a little rough around the edges. In this show, Tasmanian College of the Arts 3rd Year sculpture students will take over the space and explore work that they are currently making in the studio.



19 – 22 September


Australia’s new international art fair and Constance ARI have been invited to exhibit. Constance is the only Tasmanian gallery exhibiting at Sydney Contemporary this year. Thanks to the support of the Australia Council for the Arts Constance will be presenting Joel Crosswell, Laura Hindmarsh and Anthony Johnson.

Joel Crosswell, (small) Devil Can XXI. 2012. modelling clay, wire, dyed resin. 18 x 16 x 7.5 cm copy

Joel Crosswell, Devil Can XXI, 2012, modelling clay, wire, dyed resin. 18 x 16 x 7.5 cm. Courtesy the artist and Bett Gallery.

Retrace_Laura Hindmarsh_video still copy

Laura Hindmarsh, Retrace, 2011, 4:3 single channel video,  2.20 mins. Courtesy the artist.

AJ_Aflyinaplane small

Anthony Johnson, A fly in a plane, 2010, inkjet photographic print, aluminium frame, 69 x 52 x 3 cm. Courtesy the artist.


This project has been assisted by Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund, Bett Gallery and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.