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Image: Yasmin Heisler, This Day, Mixed media installation 2015

collected thermoses, vacuum flasks, rubber matting and live feed video projection

Two years ago I became interested in vacuum flasks – for their domestic use as a thermos and their conceptual considerations – the idea of using a vessel to contain something of the past.

This installation explores notions of captured time. Using both physical objects and video streaming (data memory), I contemplate how one mediates time and place – of our subjective memory and of our own sense of futurity.

A remnant of air from the time and place each flask was made in is trapped between its double glass walls. The collection installed is from around the world and spans from the 1950’s to the current day.

*The artist gratefully acknowledges Cameron Beccario for allowing his website (animated map of world wind and weather) to be used as part of this exhibition.

(To enhance the static snapshot of data he accesses every few hours, he ‘ages’ pixels illustrating the trajectory of movement. – see for further info.