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Among ruins

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6 December 2014– 3 January 2015

Exhibition Launch:   1pm Saturday 6th December


Grace_Gold_leaf_27 (1)

Grace Herbert, Golden Ruin, 2014.

In my work, I propose entropy as a creative cycle, one that produces something new for everything it breaks down. I am interested in the afterlife of buildings that will eventually perish. My interactions with these sites are intended to capture and potentially alter a point in a process of decay.

The works shown in Among Ruins, result from a continued process of identifying, occupying and interacting with sites in a state of decay, abandonment or facing demolition. A constant exchange between my studio and the site has resulted in a series of works that respond to and reference this site, but also engage broader ideas of material values and discursive systems of dwelling. The manipulation of these sites and their relationship to the chosen materials is intended to highlight the inherent contrasts and contradictions in our societies rapacious cycle of architectural destruction and reconstruction.
Within the gallery these works employ or reference methodologies used to articulate archeological ruins, memorials or monuments. Common cultural devices for depicting a particular or significant event or point in time.