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Exhibition Dates: 11 July – 2 August 2014

Opening Night: 6pm Thursday, 10 July 

Paddy Lyn Space: Jemimah Dodd (SA) – Dollop

Jemimah Dodd, ‘Dollop’, video still, 2014

Image: Jemimah Dodd, Dollop (installation detail/video still), video: 6 min loop, icing sugar, food colouring. Installation: Styrofoam, plaster, expando-foam, ping-pong balls, glitter, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

South Australian emerging artist Jemimah Dodd imitates or subtly references spectacle in nature with ordinary things from the supermarket and hardware shop, creating sculptures and installations that seem familiar yet alien, common yet exotic. ‘Dollop’ presents Jemimah’s ongoing investigation and interest in how light might combine with objects and sculptural forms to transform the mundane into mesmermizing. Dodd’s work is inspired by fantastical ideas of tacky Christmas magic caves, crystal castles and natural phenomena such as neon glow worm goo, the Lechuguilla Cave chandelier ballroom and the rainbow illuminated 180 million year-old cave located in Guilin, China. ‘Dollop’ will explore how we see light, colour and liquescent moving imagery against static, clunky handmade objects and forms. This video installation will blend ideas of liquid/solid, natural/artificial, movement/stillness, light/dark and hi-fi/low-fi.