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Every Mirror On Earth

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Every Mirror on Earth
January 14 – January 17 2016
Old Harrington House

Work by:
Lewis Doherty (NSW)
Eloise Kirk (TAS)
Tess Campbell (TAS)

‘Amongst other things he lacked the essential quality that makes an artist, which is the choice of forms, to be among the most excellent’
-Giulio Paolini

Jorges Luis Borges wrote in the Aleph, ‘I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me’. This is perhaps a little romantic, but likely true for all of us. A mirror offers no accurate vision of ourselves. Art on the other hand, can offer an infinitely more interesting one.

Some artists have the ability to project pieces of ourselves back at us, in form and material, distorted and abstracted. They create works which objectively speaking, look nothing like us, yet somehow do a much better job at infiltrating the self than a mirror.

The work of artists Eloise Kirk, Lewis Doherty and Tess Campbell all arouse, in one way or another, an alternate reflection.

Housed in 121 Harrington Street, a building restored after fire damage and years of neglect, Every Mirror on Earth presents the work of three young artists. The show offers an opportunity to contemplate ourselves as individuals, as a species and to cast a critical eye over the way in which we interact with one another and our surrounds.

Constance would like to thank Willow Court Antiques for the use of their lovely venue.