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Forecast (the anatomy of change)

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9-31 August 2013


Main + Foyer space: Selena de Carvalho

Forecast (the anatomy of change) 

Forecast_(small) shell muffs (72)

Image: Selena de Carvalho, Shell Muffs, 2013. Courtesy the artist.


Forecast (the anatomy of change) explores a paradox inherent in our human relationship with the natural world; how we yearn for the untamed and yet so often seek to control it. Focusing on the imminent sense of fragility regarding interconnectivity, technology is employed as a means to reflect on our relationship with the atmosphere.

Projected imagery alters in speed according to wind changes outside the gallery space contrasted by footage that’s speed is dictated by the audience participating as a rider. This is responsive to how fast or slow they choose to pedal a kinetic generator.

Forecast draws focus on human interaction with the environment and the desire to manipulate the natural world. It is reliant on the immediacy of interaction as a means of embodied and sensuous engagement. As a whole the exhibit hopes to engage the public in the poetics of imagining a more sustainable future.