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6 December 2013 – 4 January 2014

Foyer space: Gillian Marsden


Gillian Marsden, Grave (detail), 2013, dimensions variable


Wooden offcuts from my house renovations, thread, and one of the many logs deposited in the Launceston Cataract Gorge after a South Esk River flood.

It was: initially, a preoccupation with a gravesite that required urgent secrecy and protection.

Then it became: the consideration that our graves may also be our final footprints, indentations of politics and ethics.

This consideration began to translate the materials used for this installation. I considered my own backyard as a delineate of one of my footprints. And it so happened… within that delineation were cairns of wood that I have been loathed to remove, conscious of their significance as markers of my material impact. Fittingly, they are pieces of my house, removed, and stored over years of altering and destroying and rebuilding; the original frame, an original footprint.