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Greg Ferry

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10 February – 2 March 2013

Foyer space: Greg Ferry –¬†Prestige Waterfront


Many people pursue the wealthy paradise lifestyle of exclusive metropolis. Driven by societal expectation and the misguided belief that ‘more is better’. This is often at the expense of personal freedom. From an early age our beliefs are influenced through osmosis, by our surroundings, our role models, and our peers.

Greg Ferry is an emerging painter currently working and living in Hobart, Tasmania. His work explores the relationships between ideas of paradise, wealth, and status. In his hyper-coloured sceneries Ferry often poses questions such as: ‘What is desirable?’ ‘What is paradise?’ ‘Can money buy happiness?’¬†Ferry’s practice revolves around these geographical hotspots where palm tree line the streets and the sun is always shining. The waterfront is where you tend to see whole communities living and seeming to be chasing this ‘dream’ of paradise, whether the individuals can afford to maintain the lifestyle or not.