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Liam James

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10 February – 2 March 2013 

Paddy Lyn space: Liam James – AFTER THE PARTY: SINGLE AGAIN


AFTER THE PARTY: SINGLE AGAIN investigates ‘youths’ formation of identity. As an artist I make selective re-creations of reality according to my judgments, my emotional response and understanding of society. I endeavor to make art that is beautiful, that expresses rather than didactically teaches, art that creates an endless plain of contemplation for the viewer.

My youth are a physical faction and at the same time a wider idealistic concept. Although roughly formulated around an age group, the definition expands outside these parameters and is constructed around a stage in life. Connected to their actions, beliefs, the early foundations of a personal moral code.

Our identity is an expression of our consciousness; it is a projection of our ethical self, which is formed from the collection of knowledge we have absorbed in our life, which informs our decision-making, our taste, our opinions and our loves.