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Living in my mind

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8 – 29 November 2014

Exhibition Launch: 6pm Friday, 7 October 2014

Paddy Lyn: Derek Sargent, Living in my mind


Sargent’s work is concerned with the development of identity and sexuality in the formative years of adolescence. It explores the extent to which heteronormative culture enforces and oppresses imagery and thought. Focusing on how popular culture reinforces standard gender and sexual roles, he subvert these heteronormative structures by privileging queer imagery over the normative and by reinterpreting objects and spaces to reflect the queer adolescent experience. His practice combines an autoethnographic approach of personal experience. The lack of specific imagery in mainstream media available to queer adolescent is what drives his work and is a platform for engaging in the underlying fear of homosexuality in our culture.

Image: Derek Sargent, Living in my mind, video still, 2014.