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Lucy Hawthorne

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April 12 – May 4 2013

Paddy Lyn space: Lucy Hawthorne – Notice of Proposed Development: 100 Goulburn St, Hobart (Constance ARI)

To coincide with Inflight’s change of name and scope, Notice of Proposed Development: 100 Goulburn St, Hobart (Constance ARI) imagines ambitious architectural alterations to the existing building. Based on current trends in museum architecture, the humble ARI will be transformed into a cutting edge monument to rival the Guggenheim(s), the New Museum, and even MONA.

While somwhat tongue-in-cheek, the refurbishment proposal raises questions about the ownership ARIs* have over their exhibition spaces. Most ARIs are transient organisations, operating out of rented properties with little autonomy in relation to the building’s design. The relationship between art and architecture is never neutral, and so the physical and often accidental nature of these spaces, and the consequential effect it has on the accomodation of certain artwork styles, is quite significant. The exhibition will attempt to rework the Goulburn Street site in line with the supposedly flexible spaces favoured by larger contemporary art galleries, in addition to expanding the ‘visitor experience’ through the provision of assets, such as a rooftop bar and a courtyard featuring a site-specific water feature.

* ARI stands for Artist Run Initiative.