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Orbit (Hobart) a MOP Projects

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12 July – 3 August 2013

Main + Foyer space: Ron Adams, Kate Beckingham, Harriet Body, Lucas Davidson, Hayley Megan French, Carla Liesch, Luke Strevens + Jodie Whalen – Orbit (Hobart) a MOP Projects 


Anonymous Séance and the Domes of Silence, Ron Adams and Kylie Banyard, Alaska

Image: Ron Adams, Anonymous Seance (installation view Alaska Projects, Kings Cross May 2013). Courtesy the artist and Galerie pom pom, Sydney. Photography: Zan Wimberley.


Running an artist run space is hard work but it is also good work. The current MOP committee have been running the space together for over two years and have seen their artistic lives become intertwined. This show has been collectively curated by the MOP committee; an inevitable outcome of ongoing dialogue and creative negotiation. The process of realising this interstate exhibition furthers the critical engagement of these artists, out of the ether and back into the exhibition space.

Orbit (Hobart) brings together the work of Ron Adams, Kate Beckingham, Harriet Body, Lucas Davidson, Hayley Megan French, Carla Liesch and Luke Strevens. Joining the committee members are previous MOP exhibiting artists Heath Franco and Jodie Whalen. While their practices vary, this group of artists are intimate with each other’s work, and so there is an engagement there that, while not immediately obvious, provides a dynamic dialogue on what it is to work together. Currently, the artists’ gravitational point is MOP Projects in Chippendale, Sydney. By altering their trajectory and entering another space, in another city, the artists are able to re-evaluate their practice in the context of those working and exhibiting around them. The work, then, begins to function beyond itself, in its relationship to the other works and artists in the exhibition.