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11 January – 28 January 2014

Constance car park / Penny Contemporary: Henry Jock Walker


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Leaving Adelaide in May 2013 to create a mobile studio for nine months (, you would think means less things, because of the room restrictions of a Toyota Hiace van. I sacrificed comfort for more studio equipment. Most I did not use or rarely used in exchange for new found: exciting material, people and places. Three of the old favourite Painting machines from previous performances that managed to sneak on board were: The Blower – an electric garden blower, The Fan – a small electric fan and The Cycle Circle Maker – bicycle transformed into a large-scale compass. Travelling around the country these were the most annoying objects to store, they always ended up on top because of their awkward shapes. Frustration of their presence lead to photographing them in different landscapes.

These painting machines seemed out of context in “paradise” like landscapes. The invitation from Polly Dance to participate in PAINTFACE was a way of creating something I imagined the painting machines would have been thinking is paradise, while they were bumping around in the squashy dusty back of my van: a white space, a few buckets of paint, materials and ideas that extend their mechanical processes putting into practise their dreams of the liquid possibilities of paint!

This exhibition was featured as part of PAINTFACE curated by Polly Dance and presented by Constance ARI in partnership with Penny Contemporary and Gecko Promotions, and funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.