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Painting with Weather

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8 August – 30 August 2014

Closing drinks: 6pm Friday 29 August

Constance gallery + studio / PAINTFACE: Catherine Woo 

Painting with Weather

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Painting with Weather evolved through a bi-fold intention – to create a painting system whereby to some extent the works would create themselves, and to combine this with an existing framework of exploring matter, body and environment. The desire to have the works self-propagate was somewhat prosaic in its genesis, read: time poor artist needs assistance from natural process to achieve artwork outcomes. What manifested was a partnership with the immediate environment around the studio – the guttering was re-directed into the studio, and its seepage, flowing and wave motions were combine with vibration and evaporation – and a collaboration with the weather came into being. The resulting works document this process, where the involvement of the artist is no greater than the processes deployed, leaving not so much a record of my perception of the environment, as a trace of our alliance. 


This project is the second part of the PAINTFACE series of exhibitions for 2014 presented by Constance ARI, curated by Polly Dance and funded by the Visual Arts Section of Arts Funding at the Australia Council through the Presentation and Promotion Grant.