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The Space Between Thoughts

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Paddy Lyn space: Kylie Spear (QLD) – The Space Between Thoughts

Kylie Spear, 'Untitled Drawing #6', 2012 copy

Image: Kylie Spear, The Space Between Thoughts #1, 2012 SD video. Courtesy the artist.


Kylie Spear’s current practice is concerned with expanded drawing, which she defines as works that use non-traditional tools and techniques that engage with conceptual possibilities of point and line. Such works, while containing linear elements, are more aligned with philosophical notions of mark making, and question the line’s ability to unite and divide, to assert an individual’s presence in time and space and to erase it. Spear is currently working with video and audio to examine the relationship between the temporality of drawing and time-based media. She also looks at ways in which time-based drawings can translate gesture and negotiate the interplay between bodily presence and absence.