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Three Sides of a Coin

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Terence Munday / Annie May Demozay / Patana Beretta

Constance May invite
Exhibition Dates: 9 May – 31 May 2014
Opening Night: 6pm Friday, 9 May

Time is a series of moments, one following the previous, similar but never identical. Packaged with it comes decay, gradual and inevitable. We are all being destroyed, slowly by outside forces and from within. There is a poetry contained in this realisation for the patient observer. A digital replica of the physical degeneration of magnetic tape has been created and fed a snippet of sound. Each iteration of the theme introduces a little more imperfection, one building on the other similar but never identical. An imperfection added to another creates a new sound until that too is subject to the inevitable decay inherent in the system. Which ghost survives the longest? Familiar imagery, obscured by the technology used to capture it provides the visual accompaniment. The unequal lengths of the two pieces mean it is mathematically almost impossible for the same moment to repeat in the space during the course of the exhibition.

Written by Patana Beretta 2014