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With bright and shiny stars in my eyes 

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13- September – 5 October 2013

Main space: Jessie Lumb (SA)

With bright and shiny stars in my eyes


Image: Jessie Lumb, With bright and shiny stars in my eyes, 2013, glitter glue filling ground craters (in the gallery, car park and bathrooms). Photography: Polly Dance.

My arts practice is primarily concerned with site. I spend time within a specific location, observing, responding and intervening directly with the elements that are unique to that place to create an often subtle work that can then be discovered by the viewer/passers-by. In past projects I have filled cracks in the pavement with coloured plasticine, filled potholes with unfired and decaled clay, coloured in stains on a wall with pencil and marked holes from previous installations with diamantes. Although I often work outdoors and in public, I have also adapted my practice to create works inside gallery spaces, where white walls and space and time limitations provide different challenges and audiences.

With bright and shiny stars in my eyes is a new site specific work created in response to the gallery at Constance ARI.  A new and unknown space in which to work in, travelling from interstate presents the added challenge of not being able to experience the space before I arrive to create the work. The limitation on time in which to research and install will also have an impact on the final work produced but both of these aspects have become a crucial part of my process, forcing me to focus on the project at hand and to push the boundaries of each work created.


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